Windows 10 Install


First connect with USB or pen drive or DVD to PC and restart the computer ….

With the restart you need to open the boot manager, use the shortcut button from the keyboard to bring the manager …

If you do not know the shortcut you can search on Google, by clicking on this link, you can search as the search engine by entering the name of your motherboard….. Link Here

From this window you must select the cd-rom or use bit and enter it depends on which device you can set up the computer on your computer if it is by memory then click just like this …

Here you can click on any button, especially the Espress Button.

Here you can select any language and click on next and if you have de fruit, you can just click on Just Next with D.

Here you do not have to do anything just click the Install button …

You have to wait a bit for the installation process

Here you have to click on the Exception License Agreement button and click Next.

Here you have to click here for advanced or custom installation …

Here are some important information. You must remember that the drive on your computer was to set up an old Windows system, or you have to format it, then click next. Do not forget about which drive you will not delete, but you have to be careful to delete only one drive which is old window, select the drive and then click on the delete or format and then click on Next

Here’s a little bit of warning that if you want to delete, just click on the OK button and you can make sure that you delete the desired file delete, but you will not get back

After deletion or formatting, such options will be displayed, just delete this or select the format of your format and click next.

Here you will have to wait for some time, and as soon as all of them are complete, you will see that the computer will restart automatically after restart where you will not have to give yourself the automatic litara processing to the country ….

Here you only have to wait 10 seconds to restart automatically …

Where do you need to put a hand on the keyboard? Just wait …

Where do you need to put a hand on the keyboard? Just wait …

From here you will have to select the language, select your preferred language and click on this button.

Here’s just a wait, no wait, wait a little longer ….

Here you have to syllabize the keyboard language, what is the keyboard language of the computer, click this button by sylhet or if you put D, you can click the best you can …

And if you want to add any language of the board then you can add it and skip it if you do not want to …

You do not have to wait any longer than wait a little longer.

You do not have to wait any longer than wait a little longer.

If you want to use a Microsoft account, you can login to that account from here and if you want to use a local account, you can click the button below, which is checked if you want to sign in, you can use the normal local account. ..

Just wait a little bit here ….

After this interface comes, you can use any name here and you can click on any name by clicking Sylhet.

There can be a field of five watts here, if you do not want to enter the password then do not do next and if you want to enter a password then there is no problem just make your choice.

We can not give you yes if you want, but most of the rivers are good to use …

Please wait here …..

Here’s the exact way to use it, there is no problem using it, you can do it with the D.F. button and just do the same with the save button and the sample …

You have to wait for some time to be ready, wait a little longer.

You have to wait for some time to be ready, wait a little longer.

And after finishing all of them will be complete, our computer will be open and there will not be any problem and waiting a little patience, the poem will be open …

If you want to bring desktop icons on your computer, you will always remember to click Personal ID, right click on the desktop and enter the personal ID …

Here you have to click the Themes section ….

After coming to the Themes section, scroll down to the bottom and you can see the icon on the desktop or click the setting desktop icon this button …

Do the final state give you the icons from here on the desktop by clicking on the OK button but the icon that you want here, the icons must be Sylhet …

Thanks to everyone for posting this post to see this post, or many of us have to spend time if you are benefiting a little by watching the post and encouraging us to comment, we in a word certainly encourage you to post differently and if there is any mistake, then by the comments Let us know that we will try to make amendment thanks everyone will be good and stay with us N …in a word

how to install windows 10 on any computer and laptop tutorial

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