Problem Convert Dynamic Disk Basic Windows Setup solution


So I was trying to extend an HDD and a popup appeared about the disk becoming dynamic

I thought it was referring to the free space disk, meaning the free space disk would first become dynamic then it would be extended on the HDD. But no it converted the whole HDD to dynamic!

Now, windows loads everything OK. The drive this occurred on is the data drive which stores all programs (most of them, not OS, OS in on SSD) and users data. All data is backed up. However, I really do not wish to backup and restore would be a big hassle. Any way to convert back to basic without losing data?

Problem Convert Dynamic Disk Basic Windows Setup solution

What is a dynamic drive? Basic disk and dynamic disk are two types of disks when referring to storage types. Like basic disk,

which is most commonly used on computers running Microsoft Windows, dynamic disk can also use the master boot record (MBR) or GUID partition table (GPT) partitioning scheme.

All volumes on dynamic disks are known as dynamic volumes. There are 5 types of dynamic volumes, and they are: Simple Volume, Mirrored Volume,

Striped Volume, Spanned Volume and RAID-5 Volume. To get more information, please refer to What Are Dynamic Disks and Volumes?

Theoretically, you can create up to 1,000 dynamic volumes per disk group, however, it is recommended to create at most 32 or fewer per disk group. And, to gain the maximum benefit

from dynamic disks and volumes, it is best to use them in computers with multiple disks, which allows us to scale the storage to match our needs.


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