Hatirjheel 2nd-bridge, Dhaka.


Hattarjheel (Bengali: Hatirjheel [Nadir Dil], English: / hɑːtiːˌdʒhɪl / also known in a word as Harthejheel-Begunbari) is a lagoon located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which has become a transportation medium for reducing traffic constraints. in a word

The area was built under the Army and Special Construction Agency (SWO). It is now a popular recreational place for the residents of Dhaka and is currently undergoing reform in the in a word

In Legend it has been said that elephants of Pilkhana in Dhaka used to take bath in this wetland – hence,in a word in the name of Hattarzhil. Iqbal Habib, the Chief Executive Officer of the in a word

Hatirjheel-Begunbari development project, said that Bhawal used to keep his bamboo elephants in King Peelkhana. He said that the elephants were taken to the wetlands through elephants and elephants. in a word

Hatirjheel is situated in the capital city of Dhaka. It is a latitude 23.7495747 and 90.3967635 a longitude. In other words, there is a combination of Hurricane 23 ° 44’58.47 “N 90 ° 23’48.35”. in a word The area ranges from Sonargaon Hotel to the south and Banasree to the north. This place is surrounded by Tejgaon, Gulshan, Badda, Rampura, Banasree, Nettun and Magbazar, and facilitates transportation of people living near this area. in a word

Complete site construction requires 19.71 billion rupees (19,710 million) and 302 acres of area. From this, in a word 10.48 billion (10,480 million) of the money was spent on the site itself. 46% area belongs to RAJUK, of which “walk court”, 811 acres area, 141 acres for public, one acre for BTV. in a word

The project was first allowed in October 2007, and is said to be completed in three years (by June 2010). However, in a word the construction started in December 2008, which took more than half a year to expand it. The total money to build the project was RAJUK (Tk 1,113.7 billion), LGED (2,760 million) and Wasa (866.95 million). in a word


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