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    • New Theme WordPress Then Like
    • – Here’s an older version that you do not like to update
    • Documents folders – Online documentation lets you link HTML files this
    • Dummy content folder – Includes xml files with sample content 9 examples for home page included, all the short codes, portfolio page / item examples and more …, it started very well
    • Licensing Folder – Includes License File but does not include purchase code but 
    • Additional folders – Layer Sliders, Slider Revolution, Documentation for visual composer included
    • The best way to update is to download the new update via themeforest and then replace the Good News Theme folder with the new one.
    • Themeforest- Go to your account to sign in
    • Download and download good news equally
  • How to upgrade to the old version form

    • Note: If you prefer older versions … you update up for
    • Equipment: equally
    • – rebuild thumbnails – in If you want to fit older images with a new design, it is optional
    • Upgrade Video Tutorial
    • Translate the theme into your language at least
    • You need a podcasted app to translate the theme into your language then Now 
    • Let’s say that you want to translate it into Dutch, for example, our new language code is DE_DE, you can find all the available language codes on the page: indeed

    • In the theme folder you will find en_US .po / Mac to download this file to your PC or
    • In this case it will be de_DE.po rename it to your language code in 
    • Open it with poedit and translate your language into your string or equally
    • Save the file it will create DDODO and D_DMM will upload two files to “this theme folder / language /”
  • Live Demo as
  • Good news 5 Free Download 

  • Goodnews WordPress theme Now Download Goodnews WordPress theme
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Goodnews WordPress theme Free 

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