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The game is played from the perspective of a third person, and is navigated by his world legs or car.

The open world design allows players to freely fill up the Vice City, the plot of the game made up of two main islands, based on multiple real-world people and the Miami events such as Cuban, Haitian, and Biko’s gang, 1980 epidemic epidemic, Miami’s Mafioso drug Lords, and glam metal supremacy Do it.

This game was influenced by the era of film and television including Cinecarried and Miami Vice. Most of the development work is for the inspiration and timely creation of the game created in the world; The development team has done extensive research in Miami when the world is made. in a word

After the release, the game received praise from critics, especially in his music, gameplay and open world designing. However, this game creates controversy, with criticism directed at the descriptions of violence and ethnic groups. in a word

The game suits and sparked protests when being labeled as violent and distinct. Vice City has sold the best selling video games of 2002 and 17.5 million copies. in a word

One of the most significant headlines for six generations of video games, and one of the greatest video games of all time, it has won many promoters of the year with numerous gaming publications from the year.

Since its release, the game received numerous ports on many gaming platforms. His successor, Grand Theat Auto: San Andreas, was released in October 2004, in a word 2006, Vice City Stories published a prequel.

Gta Vice City Bangla

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Gta Vice City Bangla Download

Gta Vice City Bangla Download Full Latest Version

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